Why Muscles Shake: Reasons Behind This Condition

My Fitness Pal explains that you’ve most likely felt this before: the unmistakable shake after your workout. After an intense session, you may be alarmed with this effect. In case you’re wondering, it’s not uncommon for muscles to quiver. It can make you worry at first but it’s really normal.

While you’re shaking and getting all jittery, know for a fact that this isn’t destroying your progress. It’s actually a sign that you’re pushing yourself and you’re getting better because of it.

Why Muscles Shake During a Tough Workout

You might wonder: Is it normal for my muscles to momentarily quiver out of control while holding this plank? Is my infrastructure in danger of collapse? The short answer is no, you’re good. Read more…

Greatist.com explains that our muscles work all day. From basic routine exercises to our daily tasks, our muscles do it on their own. They’re shortening and lengthening to accommodate the movements of the body, either light or heavy activities. 

Not everyone can do this all the time, though. This shows when someone starts shaking mid-exercise. Research implies that fatigue and dehydration might be the cause for these scenarios. Find out more here:

Shake, Rattle, and Roll — The Need-to-Know

In one study, researchers traced unsteady muscles to exhaustion or fatigue, particularly from more intense exercise (like sprinting or resistance training), which relies on fast muscle contraction. But why the shake-up? These muscles are actually smarter than they look, divvying up the workload between fibers (some work while others rest, and then “switch!”). But as they’re challenged more and more, this job-swapping can get a little ragged, causing muscles to lose their steady motion. Read more…

Shape.com lets us know what shaking muscles mean: working it out or overdoing it. Being motivated is not a bad thing. You can push and push since you’re determined to make changes in your shape and appearance. However, if your muscles start quivering, that may be a sign that your body is telling you something.

Most people just ignore it because they think that it shouldn’t be a cause for concern however, it may also lead to serious cases like a possible injury if you’re not careful enough.

Why Your Muscles Shake During a Hard Workout

Let’s explore why your muscles may quiver during a barre class, Pilates, strength workout, or other type of exercise—and what to do about it.  Read more…

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