Why Lift With Chains: It’s Better And Bolder

FurtherMore from Equinox tells us about the actual reason why adding this tool to your lifting routine can be useful. It’s not just because it looks cool. Yes, we agree that that’s awesome but let’s keep it real:

This simple tool lets you gain more on basic lifts like benches, back squats and deadlifts. When you put these around a barbell, it lets you work double time, making you gain speed in your routine. 

The Real Reason To Lift With Chains

They may look intimidating, but “chains are an advanced tool to make gains on basic lifts: benches, back squats and deadlifts,” says Dianna Scotece, a Tier 3+ trainer at Equinox in New York City. Read more…

Becca Borawski Jenkins from Breaking Muscle says that it doesn’t matter if you’re a powerlifting veteran or a strength-con newbie. You can still end up having a lot of benefits when it comes to lifting.

The Journal of Strength and Conditioning released a study that analyzed the use of chains and deadlifting. The research team wanted to see if the deadlift can be performed with speed. While this exercise has been categorized under slow lifts, this can be utilized to increase strength and speed.

Deadlifting with Chains: Why Science Says Chains Work

Maybe you’re a powerlifter and you’re used to hanging chains off your barbell or maybe you’re new to strength training and you’re a little scared of powerlifters and all their toys and contraptions. Either way, you could probably benefit from some science behind the use of chains. Read more…

Elite FTS author Bobby Congalton says that this tool can be used in the most difficult situations: tow boats, lift steel beams, and pull trailers. In StrengthCon, we use these tools in an entirely different way: chains get lifted and become the load.

Lifting chains isn’t new – some have been training with these tools for at least ten years.  Resistance training was developed and in order for you to understand the advantages of using this tool, check the exercises that are suitable for the category.

Benefits of Lifting Chains

Chains—they’re used to tow boats, lift steel beams, and pull trailers. You name it and they can lift it. In the world of strength and conditioning, chains have a totally different function. Instead of doing the lifting and handling of the load, they are the things being lifted and they actually become the load. Read more…

If you’re interested in lifting, check out this video from Elite FTS for appropriate set up:


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