Burn Fat With Thermoxyn

Burn Fat With Thermoxyn

The Leaner, Inner You

Many of us struggle with weight loss, spending hours at the gym building up a gorgeous body but making only small gains when it comes to actually showing it off. With the science of Thermoxyn, you can put those struggles behind you by enhancing your body’s natural fat-burning systems. Increase your all-day energy levels, boost your thermogenesis (a process wherein your body burns calories to produce heat, which in turn helps you shed pounds), and raise your basal metabolic rate (BMR) to keep your body burning extra calories even while you’re resting. Thermoxyn is the first ultra-concentrated thermogenic capable of providing you with sustained energy, mood enhancement, mental focus, and appetite suppression all within a single serving. No complicated dosing or multiple bottles of different coloured pills here. One formula, one goal, MULTIPLE benefits… all for one lean, sexy you.

Adrenaplex™ Limitless Energy, No Crash

Formulated using Meta-Syn™ technology, Adrenaplex™ is the king of energy enhancement. Adrenaplex™ delivers lasting energy without all the nasty side-effects of other stimulants. No crashing, no burning out, no going crazy with the stress of what you’ve just put in your body. Limitless energy, pure and simple. Not only will your performance get a huge rush, but so will your metabolism!


Caffeine jumpstarts your metabolism by giving a jolt to your body’s natural process of lipolysis, which is when you release free fatty acids into your bloodstream. Since this occurs while your body is breaking down fat stores to convert them into energy, giving the process a wake-up-call is a good thing. In other words, caffeine has the ability to boost your metabolism a bit so that you can burn fat faster.


Even after the caffeine has worn off, theacrine keeps on working so you’re never left with crashing energy levels or sudden tiredness. Even after your most grueling workouts, you’ll have the stamina for everything life throws at you, from work, to school, to hanging out with friends, or even just getting all the necessities done at home. This natural energy booster comes mainly from the same plant Kucha tea is made from and can be thought of as structurally similar, but overall quite different from, caffeine. Though more studies are required, theacrine doesn’t appear to be very easy to build up a tolerance to, meaning you can regularly consume it over an extended period of time and still benefit from its effects. This is important to note because many people end up forming a tolerance to their energy supplements and ultimately start feeling like they are no longer working. That only adds to the lasting value of Thermoxyn. You can be sure that the energy-boosting benefits of theacrine will keep on working for you, from the moment you start taking Thermoxyn to the moment you reach your lean-body goal.

Thermoxplex™ Increased Thermogenesis

Simply put, increased thermogenesis means increased fat loss. Think of it like melting a candle: The wick and flame are your metabolism and the wax is your body fat. The bigger the flame, the more wax melts at a time. Higher thermogenesis levels are like making that flame huge, or even adding additional flames, to melt away the “fat” wax faster and faster. You can burn fat with Thermoxyn like never before thanks to Thermoplex™ and the advantages of thermogenesis!

Citrus Aurantium

Also known as “bitter orange” or synephrine, citrus aurantium is a fat burner that can make you feel more alert and full of energy. It has been shown to target beta-3 adrenergic receptors, which regulate thermogenesis and lipolysis (the breakdown of fats and other lipids) so you can break through your fat loss goals! By supporting the breakdown of stored body fats during exercise, citrus aurantium also turns your body into a self-fueling powerhouse of energy, capable of busting through any obstacles that get in your way. Paired with the caffeine and theacrine in the Adrenaplex™ formula, you’ll feel unstoppable as you melt away stored fat and achieve a leaner, sexier physique in no time!

Rauwolfia Serpentina

Sometimes referred to as Indian snakeroot, rauwolfia serpentina is an East Asian flowering plant renowned for its ability to stop your body from storing excess calories as fat. Instead, your body will convert those extra calories into energy. By shutting down your alpha-2 adrenergic receptors, your body gets the signal that it has already stored enough fat, so now it’s time to start burning it! This aids the thermogenic properties of the citrus aurantium, and when combined, Thermoxyn becomes far superior to any other fat burner on the market. As an added bonus, rauwolfia serpentina has been used for years as an herbal remedy for improved blood flow, as it can be used to regulate blood pressure and relax stressed muscle fibers. So not only will you experience amazing fat-burning results, but this all-natural supplement will have you feeling good about it the entire time. No crazy, jittery chemicals here! Just pure, natural fat-destroying power. 

Retainplex™ Burn Fat, Not Muscle

Every pound of muscle on your body burns approximately 50 calories every day. It stands to reason, therefore, that more muscle burns more calories, right? But dieting and denying yourself calories can result in muscle loss as your body struggles to feed itself. And as you lose muscle, your journey towards weight loss and that lean, hard body you so deserve becomes more and more difficult. Retainplex™ contains unique compounds to preserve muscle fiber even if you are dieting, allowing for a caloric deficit so that you can burn the fat on your body, not in your stomach.

Lemon Verbena

Otherwise known as verbascoside, lemon verbena is much more than a refreshing scent for your hand soap. It bolsters your immune system, protects your muscles, and may even provide joint support with the correct diet. Even in a caloric deficit, this unique plant has been shown to preserve and protect muscle mass during exercise and other periods of physical stress. It attacks and destroys the free radicals created when you burn fat cells, protecting you from free radical damage. Best of all, it does all of this without having any effect on your capability to build endurance or speed as you train, meaning it’s preserving your muscles but not hindering their ability to grow and become stronger. Over extended periods of time, paired with a healthy diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids, lemon verbena may also decrease minor joint pain caused by exercise stress while increasing joint mobility. This happens because lemon verbena has strong antioxidant properties and it interacts very well with omega-3 fatty acids, possibly allowing them to be utilized more efficiently by your body. No other fat burner on the market contains this valuable, versatile supplement, and no other fat burner enables you to maintain your muscle mass like Thermoxyn does!

Raspberry Ketones

Through the increased release of fatty acids, raspberry ketones support your accelerated metabolism to provide you with even more energy and fat-melting power. Raspberry ketones contain a substance which is very similar to synephrine (citrus aurantium, or blood orange) which ramps up your metabolism to previously unachievable rates. With a solid nutrition and training program, your body will be tearing through your fatty acid stores for energy, even after exercise!

Metaplex™ Increased BMR

Your basal metabolic rate (BMR) is, basically, your metabolism while your body is at rest. It includes the calories your body needs to burn to survive every day, including those required to keep your heart beating, your lungs breathing, and your intestines moving. Increasing your BMR is a highly effective route to losing weight and shedding fat, not just in the short term but in the long run as well. Think about it: You want your metabolism to be working well all the time, right? And if it’s working well all the time, for years to come, you’ll have an easier time keeping that lean body you’ve worked so hard to achieve, right? So burn fat with Thermoxyn and let Metaplex™ help you get the body you’re dreaming of!

Olea Europa Leaf

Also sometimes called olea europaea leaf, or more simply referred to as an olive leaf, this extract contains compounds which positively influence your metabolism. More research is required, but this seems to be especially related to glucose metabolism, and it may even be protective against the digestion of sugars. You will experience a heightened daily metabolic burn, and best of all, it’s from an all-natural and very familiar source!

Green Coffee Bean Extract

With studies showing that an average weight of 12 pounds can be lost over a period of 30 days while taking green coffee bean extract, is there really any reason not to use it? Stimulant-free, all-natural, and incredibly safe, “green coffee” is extracted from unroasted coffee seeds (“beans”) of coffea, the coffee plant. The chlorogenic acid in this extract has several aspects which are similar to bioflavonoids (basically, nutrients with benefits that are associated with eating your vegetables) and, among other metabolism-enhancing qualities, it may decrease the absorption of dietary carbohydrates.

Garcinia Cambogia

This natural fruit extract, also known as Malabar tamarind, contains an isomer which aids in weight control by enhancing satiety after meals. It also supports your revved-up metabolism and the increased melting away of stored fats.

Two Perfect Sizes

Thermoxyn comes in two sizes, a 30 capsule supply or a 120 capsule supply, perfect for you to either give it a try or stock up and prepare yourself for the body you’ve always wanted! Tolerance to Thermoxyn should be assessed on the first two days. Take one capsule to start, before breakfast, and one capsule before lunch. On the third day, you may increase your dosage to two capsules before breakfast and lunch. Do not take more than two capsules in a four-hour period, and do not take Thermoxyn within four hours of bedtime. For best results, use Thermoxyn for eight to twelve weeks, in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise. Always drink plenty of water and avoid snacking between meals or after dinner. Get ready to burn fat with Thermoxyn and release the real you!

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