Why Use Max Out?


MAX OUT Extreme Pre-Workout

Why use MAX OUT? With MAX OUT, gone are the days of just “getting through” a workout. No more tired feelings holding you back. And you can forget about not being in the mood to hit the gym. With MAX OUT, not only will you be hydrating your body and feeding your muscles, but you’ll experience explosive strength, unlimited energy, laser focus, and the kind of intense PUMP you can only get with nitric oxide. It’s time to get serious about crushing your routine, hitting your new personal bests, and smashing through your goals like never before. It’s time to MAX OUT!

Maximum Energy with Adrenaplex™

Adrenaplex™ is the answer for those seeking that immediate rush. No waiting around here: It’s time to get PUMPING. Using key ingredients which force your body to upregulate its natural energy systems, the long-lasting energy from Adrenaplex™ won’t give you the jitters, but it will have you feeling eager to get back out there so you can push yourself harder and harder.

Phenylethylamine HCL

Also known as PEA, 2-phenylethylamine, or beta-phenylethylamine, phenylethylamine HCL is great for gaining an immediate energy rush going into your workout. It also helps to keep you feeling motivated and driven, as studies have shown it to be a positive mood enhancer that is capable of tapping into your ability to stay focused and on-task. Commonly found in chocolates, PEA is affectionately known as the “love drug” due to its ability to make people feel happier and a bit revved up, with higher levels of alertness and overall well-being.


Pure and simple, you’ll have 400mg of pure caffeine (approximately equal to four cups of coffee) for a powerful boost and lasting, sustained energy all throughout your workout. Caffeine also jumpstarts your metabolism by giving a jolt to your body’s natural process of lipolysis, which is when you release free fatty acids into your bloodstream. Since this occurs while your body is breaking down fat stores to convert them into energy, giving the process a wake-up-call is a good thing. In other words, caffeine has the ability to boost your metabolism a bit so that you can burn fat faster.

Synephrine HCL

Also known as “bitter orange”, synephrine is a fat burner that can make you feel more alert and full of energy. By supporting the breakdown of stored body fats during exercise, synephrine turns your body into a self-fueling powerhouse of energy, capable of busting through any obstacles that get in your way. Paired with the caffeine and PEA in the Adrenaplex™ formula, you’ll feel unstoppable as you melt away stored fat and achieve a leaner, more ripped physique in no time!

Maximum Power with Nitroplex™

The only way to force your muscles to grow is to push them harder and harder, working them until they develop into something far more powerful and stronger than before. Nitroplex™ is the answer to pushing so hard to train, swelling your muscles to the MAX with the most intense pumps and achieving that lean, RIPPED physique!

Glycerol Monostearate

Perfect for keeping you hydrated, glycerol monostearate (GMS) is one of the safest and most time-tested ways to circulate water throughout your muscular tissue for lasting pumps and extended training. GMS has been known regulate body temperature and reduce fatigue when used in situations where there is excessive heat or long periods of exercise are involved. But the most impressive and useful feature of GMS is its ability to increase the concentration of fluid within intracellular tissues in a process called hyperhydration. This essentially overloads your muscles and blood with water so that you can keep pushing forward, no matter the conditions you are in. The immediate swelling and PUMP you feel will drive you further and further with insane lifting power!

Potassium Nitrate

The most concentrated and potent form of nitrates you’ll find in a dietary supplement, potassium nitrate is your answer to boosting your nitric oxide levels with incredible results. Higher nitric oxide levels mean better blood flow, vasodilation (widening of your blood vessels and possibly lowering your blood pressure), nutrient delivery to your muscle cells, and best of all… even greater PUMPS! Potassium is also known to improve the general functioning of muscles and nerves, especially when combined with sodium, such as you see in potassium nitrate. When your potassium levels are optimal, your body’s inner electrical current (which essentially powers your nervous system and keeps all of your organs moving properly) is performing at peak efficiency. And just like a car that has been sweetly tuned up or a well-oiled machine, when your inner workings are operating at maximum, the rest of you will look and feel incredible. So if you are looking for explosive results that will not only make you feel great in the gym but also give you solid and prolonged pumps, potassium nitrate is your key to long-lasting satisfaction.

Maximum Focus with Cogniplex™

When you’re in “the zone” you’re unstoppable. Your focus is sharp, your thoughts are clear, your workout is perfectly planned, and all you can think about is the next rep. Don’t let scattered thinking or the worries of the day interfere with your training. Crush your personal bests. Set higher goals. Get focused with Cogniplex™.

Rhodiola Rosea

Though you might not know it, rhodiola rosea is as common as ginseng. It has uses in traditional medicine as an anti-fatigue agent, but it is prized for its ability to balance the body’s system for responding to physical stress. It’s considered to be an “adaptogen” or a substance which helps the body remain calm despite being under stress, especially positive stressors like exercising. Not only that, but studies show that rhodiola can stimulate levels of mood-related chemicals in your brain, such as serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine, for a powerfully effective mood boost. MAX OUT contains rhodiola to help keep your mood elevated and your stress levels in check no matter how hard you’re hitting the gym or how intense your game is getting.


Dimethylaminoethenol, or DMAE, is an excellent supplement which positively impacts your emotions, ability to stay focused, and memory. Plus, it supports proper sleep, allowing you to rest fully and recover with a repaired body and a refreshed mindset every morning. Additionally, by fostering the body’s natural manufacturing of acetylcholine, it also promotes the production of toned and good-looking muscles. And since more muscle tone beneath the skin results in tighter, smoother skin, DMAE is especially helpful for maintaining a particular body aesthetic wherein the skin remains tight and toned over lean, attractive muscle. In other words, DMAE not only supports your mood, thinking, memory, and sleep, but it supports your ability to maintain an attractive physique with toned muscle and tight skin.

Huperzine A

As if you weren’t focused enough from the DMAE and rhodiola, huperzine A furthers your ability to concentrate by opening your pathways for learning and memory. It’s an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor, which means it stops an enzyme from breaking down acetylcholine. As a result, a relative increase in acetylcholine occurs. Acetylcholine is not only responsible for helping you produce tight skin and toned muscles, however. It’s also known as the “learning neurotransmitter” and many scholars routinely choose supplements (such as huperzine A) which bolster this amazing chemical. Combined with DMAE, you get a one-two punch for concentration, focus, muscle toning, and skin health.

Maximum Hydration with Hydraplex™

Why use MAX OUT for hydration? The difference between crushing the competition and merely “doing your best” often comes down to one or two key components in preparation. Hydration is the foundation of preparation, and the ultimate way to get yourself pumped and ready is with Hydraplex™. Get yourself hydrated to the fullest! This proven ratio of electrolytes will hydrate your body faster and keep it hydrated for longer than ever before. You won’t have to worry about dehydration or cramping, and you’ll always be ready for all the action without ever missing a lift or falling short of your cardio goals.

Potassium Phosphate, Sodium Phosphate, and Magnesium Phosphate

This trio of electrolytes is perfectly dosed to keep your body performing at 100% without slowing down! Water alone isn’t enough to keep you hydrated. You need to replace the salts you sweat out with electrolytes, too, in order to stave off dehydration. Even slight dehydration can cause headaches, cramping, muscle pain, nausea, and intense fatigue. And the more you push it, the worse it gets, especially if you’re also not replenishing your electrolytes. Imagine trying to bust through your personal best with the worst case of the flu you’ve ever had in your life! It’s not gonna happen. Your body needs electrolytes for cell membrane stability and to carry the electrical charges necessary for muscle contractions. They are essentially salts and minerals, such as potassium, which are a huge part of staying hydrated and keeping your body in a comfortable state. That’s why MAX OUT is formulated with the perfect trio of electrolytes in every serving to keep you going for as long as you need to.

Amazing Flavor

MAX OUT is available in a 7.8oz container and comes in five insanely delicious fruit flavours: Blueberry Pomegranate, Candy Green Apple, Lemon Drop, Rainbow Sherbet, and Watermelon. It mixes simply with water but should not be combined with any other products that contain nitrates. Experience the mind-blowing power, energy, hydration, and concentration that only MAX OUT can give you. MAX OUT your training and dominate the competition!

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