The Benefits Of HemaVO2 MAX


The King of Pump

Packed with pharmaceutical grade potassium nitrate and the patented cellular volumizing effect of Hydromax™, HemaVO2 MAX is unmatched in nitric oxide boosting and vasodilation for the ultimate in intense pumps. No other performance pumping supplement brings you this level of power, hydration, endurance bolstering, and recovery support. Every ingredient has been carefully measured to provide you with the optimum dosage for superior performance enhancement. Experience that incredible sensation of being pumped to the absolute max while still augmenting your concentration and goal-busting accomplishments in the gym. The extraordinary benefits of HemaVO2 MAX will have you feeling unstoppable and totally ready to smash through your next personal best.


Hydromax™ is a cutting-edge supplement which not only helps keep you hydrated throughout intense or extended workouts, but it also provides you with that intense “pump” feeling. Made primarily from glycerol, which swells your muscles by drawing water into them, Hydromax™ is extremely effective for not only muscle pumps but lasting endurance. It delays dehydration, aids in the body’s natural thermoregulation, increases exercise efficiency, lowers heart rates, and decreases physiological stress. Effects of glycerol begin from the first dose, but will generally grow to full efficaciousness when taken consistently for approximately two weeks. In other words, you’ll feel it working from day one, but if you continue to take it regularly, it’ll only get better within the first two weeks. Don’t be fooled into thinking all glycerol products are the same, however: The Hydromax™ in HemaVO2 MAX contains 65% glycerol, making it the next generation of glycerol delivery and far superior to standard glycerol compounds such as glycerol monostearate. Bottom line: Hydromax™ is the ultimate in hydration, endurance, and MAXIMUM pumps!


So, what exactly is glycerol, then? Glycerol has been used as a moistening agent in the food industry for decades. It goes by many names, but it is a natural, clear, odorless, sweet-tasting chemical. Until recently, glycerol was primarily supplemented in a much more unpleasant form called glycerol monostearate or GMS. GMS is basically glycerol and stearic acid, which comes from fat sources and oils that have undergone glycerolysis or esterification. GMS is far less potent and much less palatable, being prone to clumping and leaving behind waxy residues everywhere. Hydromax™, on the other hand, is the most pure, powdered form of glycerol on the market. It dissolves fully in water and has an enjoyably sweet taste. Used during training, glycerol increases the concentration of fluid within intracellular tissues in a process called hyperhydration. This essentially overloads your muscles and blood with water so that you can keep pushing forward, no matter the conditions you are in. It has been especially helpful for athletes training in high temperatures, weightlifters working on adding extra reps, and anyone wanting to press their exercise routine into longer sessions.

“KNO3” Potassium Nitrate

The most concentrated and potent form of nitrates you’ll find in a dietary supplement, potassium nitrate is your answer to boosting your nitric oxide levels with incredible results. Higher nitric oxide levels mean better blood flow, vasodilation (widening of your blood vessels and possibly lowering your blood pressure), nutrient delivery to your muscle cells, and best of all… even greater PUMPS! Potassium is also known to improve the general functioning of muscles and nerves, especially when combined with sodium, such as you see in potassium nitrate. This enhances the nervous system’s electrical potential. Your body is essentially powered by a constant series of electrical connections and sparks. These sparks control your ability to move, think, and even perform tasks that require no conscious effort on your part such as digestion or your heart beating. The better this electrical system works, the better you will perform, and the better your body will feel. So if you are looking for explosive results that will not only make you feel great in the gym but also give you solid and prolonged pumps, potassium nitrate is your key to long-lasting satisfaction.

Amentoflavone Strength Technology

Want to know one of the greatest benefits of HemaVO2 MAX? Amentoflavone is one of the newest, most remarkable, and highly coveted strength enhancers. You can gain significant improvement in your lifts from the first serving, and with extended use it can help lighten your mood and sharpen your focus while exercising. It is a plant alkaloid which is found naturally within many plants, including Gingko biloba and St John’s Wort. With a variety of potential health benefits ranging from increasing the body’s fat burning capabilities to uses as an anti-inflammatory agent, amentoflavone is truly impressive. It works as a strength enhancer by increasing the release of calcium from muscle cells, which in turn raises your muscles’ contraction strength. This is possible because the calcium binds to muscle proteins necessary for contraction, and studies show that as more calcium is released into the muscle cells, more force is produced. With greater contraction strength, you’ll see an improvement in your ability to lift heavier weights, pushing yourself harder than ever before. And as if you weren’t already getting enough of a pump from the Hydromax™ and potassium nitrate, amentoflavone also acts as a vasodilator, further boosting the amazing pump benefits of HemaVO2 MAX. As for your mood, by interacting with your GABA mechanisms (the main inhibitory transmitter of your central nervous system), serotonin, and alpha-adrenergenic receptors in your brain, any feelings of anxiety or jitteriness may be reduced while your “feel good” sensations are heightened.

Nootropics for Superior Focus

Another part of HemaVO2 MAX that will help your mood are the nootropic qualities of sceletium tortuosum and choline bitartrate. Nootropics are cognitive enhancers, meaning they aid memory, focus, motivation, creativity, and executive functions such as impulse and emotional control, planning, prioritization, and flexibility of thought. They are characterized primarily by their direct functional activation of higher brain mechanisms and cognitive efficiency. Widely popular among students and some business professionals, nootropics are beneficial to athletes because they help you stay motivated, focused, and on-task in the gym, even on days when you are feeling a bit more tired than usual. They also help alleviate your mood, making your time at the gym more enjoyable overall. Let’s face it: Many of us love the gym (and some would live there if we could) but some days, life is hitting us hard and even our favorite activities are tough. Mood and focus enhancers are perfect for every-day use, but even better for those days when everything is just a bit rough around the edges and we need that extra boost. Zone-in on your game or workout with HemaVO2 MAX!

Sceletium Tortuosum

Also known as kanna, this potent herb is a centuries-old remedy for anxiety and has often been used prior to engaging in stressful situations. It’s also excellent for improving your mood and energy levels. By influencing the amygdala of the brain, which is a brain region highly involved in emotional processing, sceletium tortuosum is able to essentially “even out” any negative emotions such as anxiety or discomfort from physical stress. As a direct benefit from this, your ability to think with clarity increases, reducing or even eliminating any scattered thinking while simultaneously boosting your overall cognitive function. Some studies have even shown sceletium tortuosum to improve sleep quality when taken regularly for two to four weeks.

Choline Bitartrate

Choline is produced by the body in small amounts, but we must consume it either within our daily diet or by supplementation in order to maintain good health. For supplements, choline is combined with a salt (usually bitartrate, which is a salt of tartaric acid) in order to increase its absorbency. So, what does it do exactly? It keeps you “in the zone” and concentrating on your training by aiding in the storage and synthesis of acetylcholine, which is a chemical released by your nerve cells to send signals to other cells. Acetylcholine neurotransmission is essential for prime athletic performance, as you can probably guess, because it not only keeps you focused but also helps you stay on your toes and ready for anything. As if that weren’t advantageous enough, choline has also been linked to reduced cholesterol, liver health, mood control, improved memory, and lowered or balanced blood pressure.

A Variety of Fruit Flavours

The benefits of HemaVO2 MAX are clear: Superior performance, better mood, ultimate hydration, quick thinking, and best of all… maximum PUMPS! So, maybe you’re thinking that there’s got to be a down side in the taste department, right? Just one flavour? Boring selection? Wrong! HemaVO2 MAX comes in a 200g tub of four intense fruit-filled flavours: Lemon Drop, Very Cherry Lime, Juicy Watermelon, and Rainbow Sherbet. Stock up on your favourite or try them all… you won’t be disappointed. Supercharge your training with the one and only King of Pump!

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