Why Use iForce Finish Line Post Workout


No Fillers, No Blends

You might be wondering, “Why use iFORCE Finish Line Post-Workout? Why is it different from other brands?” The answer is as simple as the Finish Line philosophy itself: There’s no nonsense here. No fillers, no proprietary blends, no extra junk added in to waste your time and money. iFORCE has painstakingly researched the perfect dosages for every key supplement used by athletes to excel and combined only the supplements themselves in laboratory-proven amounts. That means you get all of your most crucial supplements in the most beneficial quantities without ever having to worry about what all those extra ingredients are doing to your system.

6,000mg of BCAAs

Replacing lost branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) is an important step in keeping your body in a musclebuilding and constructively metabolic (anabolic) state after exercise. The goal is to prevent catabolism, or the breakdown of muscle tissue due to damage and the flood of hormones which occurs during a workout. Every time you push your muscles to exhaustion, tiny tears form within the muscle tissue. This leads to soreness and even a potential loss of muscle mass if not properly treated. Thankfully, you can combat catabolism by fueling your body with high-quality nutrients before, during, or after a workout. Finish Line provides only the absolute best BCAAs so that you can do exactly that: Prevent catabolism, promote anabolism, and see muscle growth thanks to your body’s improved capacity for protein synthesis.

3,200mg of Beta Alanine

After years of intense research, repeated double-blind clinical trials and placebo-controlled studies, beta alanine has become the biggest hit on the market since creatine. And it’s with good reason: This stuff works. It’s a non-essential amino acid, which means you don’t have to get it from the food you eat but your body does produce certain amounts of it. The benefit of ingesting more of it is clear, however, as it has been shown to enhance endurance, specifically muscular endurance, reduce fatigue, and mildly improve anaerobic running capacity. Beta alanine does this by converting to carnosine within the body, which is stored within your cells and only releases in response to drops or imbalances in pH. So, for example, let’s say lactic acid begins to build up in your biceps. In response to this, your cells release the stored carnosine, which acts as an acid buffer to bring back balance to the tissue in your biceps. The end result is a reduction in soreness both as you exercise (leading to more productive workouts) and as you rest (shortening your down time and increasing your general feeling of health and wellness). The “burn” felt during exhausting endurance training and high repetition sets won’t go away completely, but it will definitely be a smoother and less painful experience. The bottom line here, of course, is that you can train harder and longer, maximizing your potential.

3,000mg of Creatine

For many years now, creatine has been one of the most popular choices for achieving explosively powerful musclebuilding potential. Bodybuilders, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts from all walks of life generally agree that it is not only a safe choice, but a smart one, as it brings you the results you desire without compromising your overall wellness. Furthermore, studies suggest that creatine benefits the body both before and after exercising, so having a healthy dose of it post-workout is essential if you want to keep your muscles nourished and gaining. The average useable amount of creatine a person can burn through in a day is 5g, so with Finish Line, you not only have the perfect amount for your post-workout needs, but you also have the freedom to independently fill the rest of your daily 5g pre-workout if you wish. Finish Line also utilizes a powerful combination of the two most effective forms of creatine, creatine HCL and magnesium creatine chelate, providing you with everything you need to benefit fully from this incredible compound.    

Magnesium Creatine Chelate

Magnesium has been proven to increase energy systems in the body as well as improving protein synthesis for greater muscle gains. In addition, it can heighten insulin sensitivity and serum testosterone, working in the body to naturally bolster your insulin-like growth factor proteins. The end result is an exponentially intensified effect on creatine’s ability to boost your musclebuilding power. As if that weren’t enough reason to nourish your body with magnesium creatine chelate, consider this: Scientists believe that the amount of magnesium required for optimum health has been seriously underestimated over the years. Add to that the fact that magnesium consumption has been declining for most adults, plus the fact that low levels of magnesium can hamper athletic performance just as much (if not more) than low levels of potassium and electrolytes, and it’s a no-brainer… serious athletes need to consider taking in magnesium. Magnesium creatine chelate aids in a huge number of roles within the body’s natural systems, including metabolism, enzymatic reactions, fat and protein synthesis, muscular contraction and relaxation, and cardiac health. It’s easy to see why it’s so effective and so very helpful for athletes in all walks of life, but most especially those who want to push themselves to the Finish Line and reach their maximum potential.

Creatine HCL

Creatine hydrochloride, otherwise known as creatine HCL, is widely popular and found in a vast array of sports nutrition supplement mixes. It’s vastly preferred over creatine monohydrate, otherwise known as “standard creatine” or simply creatine (with no defining adjective), due to its ability to provide all the benefits of creatine without unwanted water retention. And since we all want lean-looking bodies with visible progress on our muscle structure, the choice is obvious: Figure-enhancing creatine HCL is superior to anything which could possibly cause bloat and thickness. Another excellent reason to choose creatine HCL for your post-workout supplementation is the fact that it has widely been reported as being easy on the stomach, with a low digestive impact. Some supplements cause stomachaches, abdominal discomfort, cramping, bloat, and worst of all some very extended trips to the bathroom. But creatine HCL has been widely accepted as gentle on the system despite being so potent for your body. It’s also easily absorbed, meaning you get huge returns from what you take in and very little of it goes to waste. The bioavailability of Finish Line’s creatine HCL is superb, bringing nourishment to your muscles quickly and efficiently. Bottom line, if you want that “shredded” look without sacrificing the advantages of creatine supplementation, creatine HCL is the answer for you.

2,500mg of Trimethyl Glycine

Trimethylglycine, also known as betaine, is a trimethyl derivative of the common amino acid glycine. Extensively studied for its benefits to heart health, betaine has also been found to aid in muscle growth, intensify fat burning, and increase running capacity. It is possibly the single most impressive breakthrough in recent sports nutrition research simply due to the wide range of benefits it can provide. Perhaps the most attractive advantages of betaine are in its ability to allow athletes to build muscle and lose fat without sacrificing anything, meaning their lean muscle mass increased and their total body fat decreased at the same time. Not only that, but a study performed in 2010 at the University of Connecticut showed great potential for bodybuilders to improve their strength and weightlifting power by up to 20% while supplementing with betaine. Since then, betaine has been tested time and time again, using double-blind and placebo experimenting, to prove the lean musclebuilding power, fat burning, strength increasing effectiveness of this amazing amino. 2,500mg is the optimal dose to achieve these outstanding results, and that’s why Finish Line is packed with this exact amount. Just imagine what it can do for your next session at the gym!

Delicious Flavours

Finish Line comes in a 600g tub and in three amazing fruit flavours: Juicy Watermelon, Rainbow Sherbet, or Very Cherry Lime. A serving is 1 scoop, mixed with 10oz (300ml) of water or more to taste, and consumed immediately following your workout. On non-workout days, Finish Line can be enjoyed as a refreshingly tasty nutritional supplement. Why use iFORCE Finish Line Post-Workout? Uncompromising excellence when it comes to ingredient selection, no proprietary blends with additives or fillers, and great taste that is both invigorating and enjoyable. Experience the absolute highest quality, no-nonsense philosophy of Finish Line with delicious variety and 100% scientifically-proven results.

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