COMPETE brings you everything necessary to achieve peak athleticism and true competitiveness. iFORCE Nutrition COMPETE will boost your physical performance and mental focus while keeping you hydrated and reducing your recovery time. As the most complete intra-workout supplement available, your body will have all you need to operate at maximum efficiency, from the moment you begin your workout and all throughout your recovery period. Whatever you’re competing for, whoever you’re competing against… COMPETE will have you primed and ready to tackle anything that gets in your way.

Finnish Line

This product is your answer for no-nonsense ingredients in clinical doses for your post-workout needs. Everything you get in Finish Line has been extensively researched to bring you only the very best in sports nutrition. 100% effective, 100% laboratory proven, and only in the most beneficial amounts to fully support your recovery and repair. All you need at the Finish Line are results, so that’s why the Finish Line philosophy is all about quality ingredients with no fillers, no proprietary blends, no unnecessary stimulants or chemicals, and most of all no nonsense.

Hemavo2 Max

HemaVO2 MAX is the King of Pump! There is no other product on the market that will get you anywhere close to this level of strength boosting, nitric oxide surging, performance enhancing supplementation for the ultimate in MAXIMUM pumps! And while your muscles are swelling with power, your mood will be better than ever, your mind will feel crystal clear, and your focus will be completely centered on the task at hand. Zero in on your workout and get the biggest, longest-lasting, best pumps of your life with HemaVO2 MAX!

Mass Gainz

Mass Gainz provides you with the perfect ratio of protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats so you can achieve your mass-gaining goals faster without sacrificing your nutrition goals. The optimal breakdown in calories for feeding your muscles is 30% protein, 50% carbs, and 20% healthy fats, and that is exactly what you will get with Mass Gainz. Best of all, every component is nutritious. Whey protein concentrates and isolates contain superior levels of anabolic amino acids and are so readily digested by your body that you will become a musclebuilding powerhouse. Oats and quinoa make up the carbohydrates, so you aren’t forced to eat tons of simple sugars like you’d get with other gainers. And to top it off, medium chain triglycerides make up the healthy fats, allowing you to unlock Mass Gainz of muscle, not fat!   

Max Out

This product is raw power for your workout. With MAX OUT, you will be more ready for the gym than ever as you hydrate your body, elevate your mood, and feed your muscles. You’ll experience explosive strength, unlimited energy, laser focus, and the kind of intense PUMP you can only get with nitric oxide. No other pre-workout blend covers all the bases like this! Get ready to blast through your goals and set new personal bests as your body’s natural energy systems are primed for lasting power beyond anything you’ve experienced before. It’s time to get serious about your workouts. It’s time to work out to the MAX!

100% Whey Protean

Our 100% whey protean provides protein in a variety of delicious flavours, suitable for athletes and fitness enthusiasts at any level of training. Whether you are a bodybuilder, a trainer, a professional in competitive sports, or someone just starting out, anybody who wants to keep their muscles nourished and powerful needs protein. Made from whey concentrate, Protean has an excellent biological value and bioavailability, meaning your body will make quick and efficient use of the protein. Not only that, but whey is naturally high in aminos, vitamins, and minerals while simultaneously staying low in fat, so it’s an incredibly healthy choice. And, perhaps best of all, whey is also naturally thermogenic, which means it will ramp up your metabolism when you consume it to help you gain and keep lean muscles instead of fat.


This melts away fat so you can uncover the lean physique underneath. Release the real you as your body burns away excess pounds by attacking fat stores from all fronts. Not only will you have more energy for your workouts, but you’ll have long-lasting, healthy-feeling energy without all the jitters to get you through the rest of your day. Key ingredients will protect your muscles and ensure that only fat, not muscle fiber, is being burned, even if you are dieting! Your basal metabolic rate will rise, helping you melt away pounds even when you are not working out, which even lets you keep shedding pounds while you are sleeping. Uncover the lean, sexy body you’ve been working for!   

iFORCE Nutrition has truly bridged the gap between science and athleticism, bringing you cutting-edge nutritional supplements with data and research to back every ingredient. Bodybuilders, sports professionals, and fitness enthusiasts from Canada and beyond have used iFORCE products to achieve incredible results across the board. If there is any doubt in your mind about iFORCE, take a moment to read these reviews and see for yourself just how satisfying and effective the iFORCE experience is.