why muscles shake

Why Muscles Shake: Reasons Behind This Condition

By iForce Canada | October 10, 2017

My Fitness Pal explains that you’ve most likely felt this before: the unmistakable shake after your workout. After an intense session, you may be alarmed with this effect. In case you’re wondering, it’s not uncommon for muscles to quiver. It can make you worry at first but it’s really normal. While you’re shaking and getting…

workout rules you can ignore

The Definite Workout Rules You Can Ignore

By iForce Canada | October 3, 2017

My Fitness Pal says that these are the rules you can ignore. There are a lot of techniques out there and before you know it you’re flooded with numerous advices. You may be using strategies that don’t really affect your progress or increase your improvement. Yes, we know that it happens, so take heed and…

best music when you do hiit

Listen to the Best Music When You Do Hiit

By iForce Canada | September 13, 2017

It appears that there’s a good reason why HIIT trainers would prefer a good workout music to accompany them during an intense group session. A new study has discovered that gym newbies like it better when there’s music to pump up their energy. HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training. If you haven’t tried this one…

why lift with chains

Why Lift With Chains: It’s Better And Bolder

By iForce Canada | September 6, 2017

FurtherMore from Equinox tells us about the actual reason why adding this tool to your lifting routine can be useful. It’s not just because it looks cool. Yes, we agree that that’s awesome but let’s keep it real: This simple tool lets you gain more on basic lifts like benches, back squats and deadlifts. When…

full body metabolic conditioning

Full Body Metabolic Conditioning: Workouts To Increase Your Body Conditioning

By iForce Canada | August 30, 2017

Mike Sheridan from T-Nation suggests that this is the best full-body MetCon exercise for you. What’s great about this: it’ll work your body real good. The first on the list is the Rope-Row and Sled Push exercise. You have to tie a rope to a sled or Prowler then work with your knees slightly bent.…

preventing knee collapse

Preventing Knee Collapse: Ways How To Stop The Valgus Position

By iForce Canada | August 23, 2017

Eirik Sandvik for t-nation.com says that you can fix the issue. Find out more about what causes it and the answers how to remedy this. Pushing the knees inwards won’t give you good results. It’s not healthy for your knees too. This inwards-knee position makes your knee-joint weaker when you subject yourself to heavy exercises.…

should you skip your workout

Should You Skip Your Workout?

By iForce Canada | August 8, 2017

Julia Malacoff from shape.com says that if you’re someone who frequents the gym, it’s likely that you’ve been doing burpees while you’re mad, planking when you’re upset, or deadlifting when you’re happy. Fact is, the gym has witnessed all sorts of moods, and most of the time you get out of that place feeling a…

Exercises That Can Torch Your Core

Exercises That Can Torch Your Core

By iForce Canada | August 1, 2017

Arielle McFadden, author from Shape.com, explains that these torch-your-abs workout can hit the spot for strengthening your core muscles. These moves are easy to execute and convenient to do. The author talks about effective plank variations like Forearm Plank with Booty Pulses and Plank with Knee Taps. These are just a few examples from the…