Listen to the Best Music When You Do Hiit

It appears that there’s a good reason why HIIT trainers would prefer a good workout music to accompany them during an intense group session. A new study has discovered that gym newbies like it better when there’s music to pump up their energy.

HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training. If you haven’t tried this one before and you’re  a bit hesitant because of the “high-intensity” part, this new discovery suggests you’ll do better with some tunes.

Why You Should Listen to Music When You Do HIIT, According to Science

When University of British Columbia (UBC) researchers asked people who were new to HIIT to try a sprint-interval workout either with or without music, both groups came away with positive attitudes. But those who sweated to a playlist felt even better about the routine than those who’d worked out in silence. Read more…

Different people mean different workout personalities. There are those who like yoga as their main workout routine because it’s relaxing and it gives them a sense of balance. As for people who want to feel that intense burn, Pilates is their forte. Others like to run for miles and some lift weights like they’re insane.

However, high intensity interval training proves that it’s one of the best exercises out there. It gives you all time benefits but we can all agree that it’s crazy hard. This time though, there’s a quick fix. Music.

Hate HIIT? Science Says Music Might Make It Way More Bearable

Listening to music will most likely make you enjoy HIIT more, according to a new study published in the Journal of Sports Sciences. The study put 20 healthy men and women—who’d never done HIIT before—to the test with some sprinting intervals. Read more…

An HIIT workout includes short bursts of exercises that last for 20-30 seconds, a rest period, and then repeat. These modules are done for about 3-10 minutes.

Mercola Fitness says that listening to some tunes might improve HIIT enthusiasm. The research explains that music motivates trainees to perform better during sessions. The exercise itself is a life-saver for most. The degree of intensity matters and that’s what’s important when seeing results.

Why You Should Listen to Music When You Work Out

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) has been in the forefront of fitness trends for the last handful of years, and far from being a fad that fizzled, it’s still considered one of the most effective ways to get into tip-top shape quicker than other methods. Read more…

Check this video from Popsugar about this intense fat blasting exercise:


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